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.platform premium.components

The premium platform interface is a AR + VR app. With the premium platform, gamers are able to have a more immersive experience. The premium platform includes the basic platform plus three products:

Land App

AR Technology

VR Technology

land app
.land app.

With the Land App, companies, local and environmental business will be able to buy, sell and rent land plots. They can also advertise and create activations related to environmental themes.


Land plots will be offered in areas. Land owners or renters will be able to advertise and make activations related to their business in their land plots.

.AR technology.

First we brought the real world to the virtual world. With the Game App AR, we will bring the virtual world to the real world.


Because some missions will be revealed only in the real world, gamers will find them in the real location using mobile augmented reality.

.VR technology.

With the Gamer App VR gamers will have an immersive experience in virtual world lands. Because the interface is an app, virtual worlds are developed with more realistic style.

Gamer navigates through the virtual world connected to the real world.

Gamer watches videos, interacts with characters, finds challenges and missions.

Missions are designed to happen in the real world.

AR and VR tools will become an alternative for more immersive experiences.

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